Purchasing a poster or art print for your home or office can make you feel justifiably accomplished, proud of your good design sense and quite patron-of-the-artsy. Actually following through with framing and mounting it in a timely fashion? This often feels unnecessarily daunting.

For prints, photos or works of art that might not require a frame — stuff you want to get up on the wall, stat —there's a product called GoodHangups that smartly simplifies the process. We don't usually trust rhyming slogans, but GoodHangups' “Simply stick and click” is actually accurate.

No hammer or nails are needed here; rather, GoodHangups turn any wall into a magnet board. You place the magnetic removable and reusable stickers on the wall, then secure your poster, card, kid's artwork, what have you (up to 24 by 36 inches) with the magnets. Bonus: GoodHangups work on most any surface, from brick and concrete to wood and glass.

Created by a Seattle inventor and mom named Leslie Pierson, GoodHangups won the “Next Big Thing” contest on NBC's “Today” show in 2015 and promptly sold out on QVC. A $14.99 eight-pack includes eight MagnaStickers and eight strong magnets. Packs also come in quantities of 16, 40 and 100.

See www.goodhangups.com for more info.

Laura Pearson is a freelance writer.